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July 15, 2011

Two Duck Breeds Only Available July 18 and 25 This Year

For two weeks every year we hatch Silver Runners and Silver Swedish.  For 2011 it is July 18 and July 25.  If you want these rare colors, now is the time to order.

Why do we only hatch these colors for two weeks a year?

                      A flock of Black Swedish males and Silver Swedish females.

So that we can produce 100% blue colored Blue Swedish and Blue Runners, we have two breeder flocks for each breed. Using the Blue Swedish as an example, in one flock we have Black Swedish males and Silver Swedish females. In the other flock we have Silver Swedish males and Black Swedish females. All the progeny from these crosses will be the correct blue color. In June when we need breeders for next year, we switch the males so Black males are with Black females and Silver males are with Silver females. We collect these purebred eggs for about three weeks and hatch them for breeders. Then we switch the males back to where they were originally and go back to producing the correctly colored Blue Swedish for the rest of the season.

                          A flock of Black Runner males and Silver Runner females.

So for July 18 and 25, we do not have Blue Swedish or Blue Runners available but we will have the Silver Swedish and Silver Runners.

As we only hatch these twice a year, they are not on our price list but we charge the same for them as the Blue Runner and Blue Swedish.  Give us a call (800-424-7755) if you have an interest in these Silver Swedish or Silver Runners!


  1. how do you insure sex when incubating. how to you breed for silver and insure color?
    also, if the delivery of the babies is delayed, is the gel that ships with them enough moisture to keep them going for up to 4 days - i am thinking water need.

    1. You have no control over sex during incubation. You cross Silver males on Silver females and you will get Silver offspring.
      Grogel is about 92% water. They can survive quite awhile on GroGel but it is very difficult to include enough GroGel for a 4 day journey.

  2. What are the dates for ordering the silver swedish ducklings for this year?

  3. Can you tell me when you will sell your silver swedish ducklings for the year of 2015

    1. I am guessing July 13 and 20, 2015. Contact us in early or mid June and we will know at that point.

  4. Will you have silver Runners for 2017?