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January 16, 2012

Want to Watch Ducklings Hatching on Your Computer?

We have a camera set up in our hatcher so you can watch our birds hatch each weekend.  Just go to our Live Hatch webpage.

The camera is running live from Friday morning through early Monday morning when we remove the ducklings from the hatcher.  Sunday probably has the most activity as that is when most of the ducklings are hatching.

We also have a Time Lapse showing two Pekin ducklings hatching if you don't want to watch our camera all day!

The third thing we have is a calendar of what we will be filming each weekend.  If you really love Cayuga ducks, for example, you can look on the calendar and see when we will be showing Cayuga ducklings hatching.

Drop by and watch those cute ducklings, goslings, keets and poults hatch!


  1. I am starting to breed my ducks and need basic info on genetic diversity- two-way cross, four-way cross etc.. Can you recommend a book with this type of info? Your information is very helpful.

  2. I do not know of a book exclusively on poultry genetics but I am sure there is a college textbook that is. I would continue your search online. Good luck.

  3. Try Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry written by David Holderread. He done a lot of quality work breeding ducks.

  4. when i watch over your site i'm so fascinated with your ducks,how i wish i could have some of them as pets,i love raising ducks.....i'm from davao city,philippines.edmond b.opiniano 09219672841 i'm hoping to purchase a your goslings and ducks.

  5. This is so awsome! I am just starting my duck farm! I actually just ordered 100 cayuga ducks, and 50 Harlequin Welsh from you guys! Do you have any tips for getting started so i dont sr=crew up? LOL!

  6. Read all our blogs and instructions on our website and you should have a great start! Enjoy!

  7. do we hatch the eggs we want ti